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Newsletter for August, 2018

Back to School Already!?!?!?

Well, it’s always amazing. It hardly seems that summer has even started and, all of a sudden, the Back to School sales begin and another summer passes into history.  Keep these things in mind:

School is starting at the end of this month.  Immanuel Lutheran School has its registration on two Tuesdays: August 7 & 14, from 2:00 until 6:00 PM.  The opening service will be on August 23 at 7 PM.  The first day of school for Immanuel falls on Monday, August 27.  Fox Valley Lutheran High School starts on Wednesday, August 22.  Please be sure to keep the students and teachers in your prayers.


Christian Concert for August 22


Chris Driesbach has performed in a concert at St. Paul’s in the past. He will be back to perform a new concert on Wednesday, August 22 at 7:00 PM.

Here is what he has to say about himself: “I played music professionally for 30 years on the west coast.  I was an atheist until age 33, and after that sort of a new-age spiritualist.  Nine years later I became a Lutheran and a Christian at the same time in 1995.  Faith Lutheran Church and Pastor James Oldfield in Anchorage, Alaska were my first church and pastor.  We went through a 22-week Bible study course together.  Pastor Oldfield read to me out of the Bible when asked him all of the hardest questions I could think of, and after 6 weeks of his class I was given the gift of faith by the Spirit working though God’s Word.  My life completely changed, of course! My presentation is called “An Evening with a Christian Songwriter and Former Atheist” and I have a PowerPoint that goes with it.  I want to give hope and tools to people with unbelieving friends, relatives and co-workers who seem unreachable.  I also talk about my recovery from alcoholism and my work in prisons. This would feature music from my new CD Jesus Wins! I’m compensated by a free-will offering.” All are invited to come.

Greeters Schedule

We thank all those who have taken part in our greeter program. It really helps welcome members and non-members alike to our services. In the month of August, our greeter schedule is: John Peterson: August 5, Mary Pouwels: August 12, Terri Roesler: August 19, and Scott Schabo: August 26.  If you can’t make it for your scheduled date, please let us know.

Events to Remember

  • Immanuel Registration: August 7 & 14 @ 2:00 PM
  • First Day of FVL: August 22
  • Chris Driesbach Concert: August 22 @ 7:00 PM
  • Opening Service for Immanuel Lutheran School: August 23 @ 7:00 PM
  • First Day of Immanuel Lutheran School: August 27


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