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Newsletter for August, 2019

A Cruel Summer Is Almost Over!

It has been a bit of a cruel summer this year. We had a cold and damp beginning followed by a stifling middle with some killer winds added in. Keep these things in mind as summer ends:

School is starting at the end of this month.  Immanuel Lutheran School has its registration on two Tuesdays: August 6 & 13, from 2:00 until 6:00 PM.  The opening service will be on August 22 at 7 PM. 

The first day of school for Immanuel falls on Monday, August 26.  Fox Valley Lutheran High School starts on Wednesday, August 21.  Please be sure to keep the students and teachers in your prayers.

Siding Project: One aspect of this summer that most definitely was not cruel has been the transformation of the outside of our church building. At the beginning of this year, the church council proposed that we replace the aging siding. The voters agreed.

In May, the old siding came down and the new siding went up. We had a couple of work days in which a good number of our members lent their time, talents, and tools to put up the new siding and beautify our church building.

We would like to thank Jason Gorges who oversaw this project and organized the work so well.

We’d also like to thank all those who helped with the work and the anonymous donor who provided all the funds necessary to accomplish this project.

Our New Siding

FVL Sunday: On Sunday, September 1, Pastor Lillo will be out of town performing the wedding for his son Zachary and Zach’s fiancé Aaryn. We will be having a special guest preacher that Sunday.

Pastor Dave Wenzel from Fox Valley Lutheran High School will be preaching and telling us a bit about the ministry of FVL. Please make a special note of this date and come to hear about the part that we play in this special ministry.

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