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Newsletter for July 2018

Why Do We Do What We Do?

A Sermon Series Looking at different aspects of our worship


First Sunday: : June 3: What goes on at the Baptismal Font (and where is it hidden)?

Second Sunday: June 10: Why is God’s Word so amazing and why is it always the center of everything that happens in church

Third Sunday: June 17: Why do we begin every worship service with a depressing recitation about how bad I am?

Fourth Sunday: June 24: Why do we always follow an order of service for our worship when we can say the words in our sleep?

Fifth Sunday: July 1: Why do we interrupt a worship service at several points to sing songs (some of which we’re not familiar with)?

Sixth Sunday: July 8: Why do we pray after the sermon and not before it? Why are some of our prayers responsive?

Seventh Sunday: July 15: Why do we follow a set church year schedule every single year?

Eighth Sunday: July 22: What are we receiving when we go forward for Communion? What, exactly does it do for us?

Ninth Sunday: July 29: What do all the symbols that we have in our church and on our windows mean?



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